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Meal Makeover Session

Tired of preparing the same 'ole dull meal?  Want to eat better?  Need help with food combinations?  This program offers delicious recipes and meal makeovers along with healthy tips for food combinations using the integrative nutrition plate.   At the session we will talk about shopping lists, organizing and preparing your food for the week, and cooking some staple healthy delicious foods that you will enjoy and learn how to incorporate in your daily meal plans.  This is a fun and easy session that will support your healthy lifestyle and satisfy your taste buds!

Additional Programs

Healthy Shopping Tour

Not sure how to navigate your health food store?  Too many options or not sure what to purchase? This tour is for you! The art of food shopping is key to creating and maintaining optimal health.  Buying and preparing your own food will help you get all the nutrients you need, as well as release you from dependence on restaurant food, fast food and processed food. Shopping for food can be incredibly exciting.  It is a time to immerse yourself in the abundant colors, scents and textures of your future meal ingredients.  Together we will peruse the isles and talk about food certifications; what foods are local and seasonal and what they do for you; and how to get the most out of your shopping trip with your time, money and energy.  So much fun and lots to learn and explore. You’ll never shop the same again! 

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Workshops are opportunities to learn how to be healthy and active. Participants bring their own lunch for a one-hour workshop. There is ample time for discussion after each presentation.  Participants complete a unique healthy history to help them determine which exercises and fitness strategies best compliment their personality.  The lunch and learn covers how: - important it is to move as well as simple techniques on how to gradually sit less throughout the day. - to eliminate poor food choices and clutter and give their kitchen a healthy makeover. - to identify symptoms long-term effects of stress and use mindful moment techniques throughout the day to reduce stress.- healthy and creative tips on how to add essential nutrients into delicious recipes through a live cooking demonstration.