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The Complete Program

The Complete Program is a 6-month program that offers in-depth coaching on food, meal makeovers, and cutting-edge nutrition concepts designed to support healthy lifestyle changes.  This level of one-on-one coaching offers a deeper understanding about emotional eating, deconstructing cravings, and balancing primary foods such as Relationships, Career, Spirituality, and Physical Activity.  In this program, we work together using a bio-individuality approach to create a unique plan centered around your foods, fitness, health, self-care and lifestyle.  You will receive recommendations along with things to try that will help you in transforming to a healthier lifestyle. By working together step-by-step, we can begin reaching those levels together. This program starts with a consultation to help personalize your program based on your personal needs and specific goals, and then your session schedule is created. 

What you can expect from the Complete Program? 

This 6 month Program includes:

•  Individualized Discovery Session Consultation

Four 1 hour sessions/month in person or phone.
• A Binder to hold all Handouts and informative information given to you.
• Recipes to teach, nourish, and encourage your health and body.
• Handouts about health, nutrition, and other educational information.
• Discussion about primary foods such as, relationships, career, spirituality, and
​ exercise
​• Shopping assistance and tour of your favorite food store.
• Phone calls on your progress, questions, and motivation.
• Help with meal makeovers and food combinations
• Email/ text support.
• Fitness planning and guided support.
• Give aways throughout the program.

NOTE:  This program can be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.