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Loving the WELP wellness tracker in the journal! Really helping me stay on track. Taking time for myself has been a major focus for me Coach. The "Self Care" section has been beneficial.


I met with Coach Melody, she is knowledgable and passionate about the health of others. I decided to join her 21 Day Shape Up Challenge. Outcome was outstanding loss 9.6 pounds! She helped me take control of my health and I am better with Coach Melody's guidance and support! Not done 3 Month Program in Progress.


Week 1 of using Coach Melody's Interactive Wellness Journal has been great! I set goals for the month/week (achieved), prepped meals/snacks, measured, and weighed foods. As a bonus increased exercise to 6 days as recommended. These are all tips in my journal that has helped me achieve success and stay motivated.


Your workshop "Eating on the Go" at working women survival show sparked me to get it together.  I have been selecting healthier foods, watching portions, drinking water which you stressed during the presentation. So far I have lost 13 pounds. Your comment "food and exercise is a package" I have embraced. So happy I attended and connected with you!



Unwrap You...I"m Loving It!!


Coach Melody has motivated me on countless occasions. She has such a warm and inviting personality, living by the words she speaks. She encouraged me to eat better and walk more. Through her inspiration, I am feeling better than ever! Thank you for your supportive efforts to keep me on track.


If you are looking for professionalism and knowledge, mixed with compassion and understanding, then Coach Melody is your right choice. She takes a look at your personal goals and struggles, and work right alongside you to conquer them! Setting goals and achieving them along with making you accountable.


Your are so full of energy and very supportive. You have helped me stay focused and explore issues holding me back from achieving my goals. Your techniques and approach enabled me to work towards realistic expectations. I feel a lot more positive and relaxed about my health since partnering with Coach Melody.


Hi Coach Melody thanks for coaching me to stop drinking my calories along with other helpful tips. It has been a process but I loss 6 pounds and several inches already. Can not wait to tackle the next goal better eating habits. You are the best!


Coach Melody you have assisted me as well as helped me start my journey to living healthy.  The name "Unwrap You" is so befitting for what you are doing in the area of health and fitness. Thanks for your support and guidance it has changed my perspective and helped me so much may GOD Bless your vision and purpose.


Just had my my first cooking session with Coach Melody. She helped me with my shopping list and made a house call. We made a shrimp dish after being a salt junky, she helped me realize low sodium meals can taste really good. It was fun and made me want to cook again.  Doing it the Health Way Thanks Coach!


Coach Melody is very knowledgable about nutrition. She is passionate and motivated in helping me identify my personal goals and she holds me accountable. Coach Melody does not shy away from tough but necessary conversations.


Your nutrition workshop was very informative and interactive. I have changed my diet and eating the way you recommended including smaller portions. In addition, started walking 3 times a week. You said it Lifestyle Change...Great Job Coach Melody!


Working with Coach Melody has been a great experience. The doctor said I needed to lose 30 pounds or I would be put on medicine. I only had 90 days and no idea what to do. My first thought was call the Coach I met. I decided to take the 21 Day Shape Up Challenge and lost 8.6 pounds. Coach Melody is very supportive and knowledgeable about what I need to make my journey successful. Thank you for the real world lifestyle changes no diet, drinks, or quick fix. 


I took Coach Melody's 21 Shape Up Day Challenge and I am happy, grateful, and thankful because I lost 15 pounds and FEEL Great YEAH! I could hardly contain myself when I got off the scale. I am thankful for Coach Melody she provided goals, guidance, encouragement and took me through principles I am going to continue to use along with committing to her 6 month program. I need to understand my relationship with food as I transition to the next phrase. She is such an inspiration and blessing.


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"Nothing Will Work Unless You Do"

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